Young Scholars Grants

Are you a Waterloo student looking for funding?

The Young Scholars Grant program provides students funding to pursue  academic interests outside the classroom. 

Is your idea a good match?

Read through the “Young Scholars Grant Guidelines” to make sure your project or program aligns with our mission.  It will also help you understand how our process works.

Young Scholars Grant Guidelines

Be aware that all projects must meet the following eligibility requirements:

● Applicants must be a student(s) of the Waterloo Community School District.
● Funding may only be used to support academic opportunities.
● Technology requests must follow guidelines outlined by the WCSD Tech Dept.
● Facilities requests must follow guidelines outlined by Operation Services.
●The application must be completed by the student(s), not a teacher or parent.
● Applications must follow all criteria as outlined by WCSD Policy 701.9.

Note that all grants must be approved by the WSF Board of Directors.  Therefore, it can take up to two months to get projects/programs approved.  We try to work as fast as we can, but sometimes it takes time to get everything squared away.

We know this stuff can be confusing, and we want the process to be as straightforward and streamlined as possible.  Just follow these steps to request funding:

  1. Double check that your project or program meets the eligibility requirements by reading the Young Scholars Grant Guidelines.
  2. Complete this short “Funding Request Form.”
  3. The WSF Office will review your funding request form and provide feedback within two weeks.
  4. Fill out our “Young Scholars Grant Application” via Google Docs.  See sample questions here.
  5. Email [email protected] when your application is finished.

Questions?  Contact our office!  We are happy to answer questions about the eligibility requirements and application proc