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Our Grants

Grant History

Learn about our previous classroom-level grants, individual student grants, and district-wide initiatives.

Apply for Funding

Ready to apply for funding from the Waterloo Schools Foundation?

Learn more about our application process and submit your request  

Our Values

Our values guide our funding and focus on five areas in the Waterloo Schools: longevity, innovation, financial hardship for academic access, social

emotional learning, and diversity,

equity, inclusion, & belonging.


Collaborate with us and see how we can help fund your big idea!


The Waterloo Schools Foundation champions teachers and students by encouraging, promoting, and funding teaching strategies and learning opportunities that grow academic excellence in all Waterloo public schools. We want educators & students to bring us their next big idea, whether in the classroom, their grade level, their building, or the district.

Let's see how we can further academic excellence in Waterloo!

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