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Our Story

to fund, inspire and promote educational opportunities for all in the Waterloo Schools.



to be a catalyst for educational excellence and pride in the Waterloo Community School District.

The past.

Established 13 years ago, the Waterloo Schools Foundation, to date, has invested over $2,500,000 into the Waterloo Community School District. Historically, the main focus of funding was on STEM initiatives. But, as the STEM boom of the early 2000s subsided, funding expanded to various projects the WSCD saw as needs. This included teacher and student grants to impact individual classrooms as well as large District initiatives to impact students and staff across all buildings.

We're proud to be an organization with supporters and leaders from across the Cedar Valley. A special shoutout to our founding board members:

Nancy Bamsey                 Edita Begic                 Kathy Braun                Ross Christensen

Bruce Clark                       Scott Crowley            Vicki Grimes                Eric Johnson

Pam Miller                         Kathy McCoy             Mike Robinson            Julie Ritland

Brian Ritter                        Jean Seeland             Alice Shirey                 Michelle Temeyer

Rob Tapper                       Cathy Young

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