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Future Leader Highlight: Aaliyah Weekley

This past summer, for one week in July, Aaliyah attended the Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University in Washington D.C. She received a WSF grant funded through the Lisa McKinstry Memorial fund.

This conference allowed Aaliyah to participate in hands-on, experiential learning through decision-making simulations and explore the creative, practical, and ethical tensions inherent in journalism and media.

"[This conference] taught me that there are a lot of good opportunities throughout the U.S. and the world that I could take advantage of. These same opportunities would allow me to use my voice and to help change issues"
Photo courtesy of The Washington Journalism and Media Conference

On top of many networking opportunities with CEOs and political journalists, Aaliyah was also able to learn about cutting-edge writing styles being adapted across the news world and all the career options available for individuals seeking a career in journalism.

After this conference, Aaliyah shared with us that she is now considering a career in journalism and/or writing! She has begun taking more classes this year at East that are related to writing and journalism, in addition to her other courses. This experience even allowed her to earn one credit from George Mason University that is transferable to wherever she attends college.

Students like Aaliyah, who can attend life-changing experiences thanks to you, are exactly what the WSF mission strives for. Together, we can ensure the success of the Cedar Valley community to come.

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