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WSF Purchases Supplies for STEM-Focused Learning

This spring, the Waterloo Schools Foundation purchased twelve new power supplies to support new equipment for physics lab classes - totaling just under $3,000 from their STEM fund.

This request originated from Alex Conyers, Science Department Head & Secondary Curriculum Leader at West High. Conyers expressed, “Our physics teachers require new DC power supplies to support their unit of learning on electricity. The students use these to gain a hands-on understanding of the nature of electricity.”

The activities these DC power supplies are used for support Iowa Core Standards. They also help spark interest in a large number of high-demand careers, such as engineering, electricity, plant operations, and construction management.

Waterloo Schools Foundation specifically approved this funding request because it aligns with their value of longevity, defined as funding opportunities that will have lasting impacts on students, staff, and the Waterloo community.

The Waterloo Schools Foundation originally funded STEM ideas at the beginning of their funding and still sees the value in them today.

About the Waterloo Schools Foundation: The Waterloo Schools Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization founded to support, enhance, and promote excellent educational opportunities in the Waterloo Community School District. We work to ensure all students have access to resources necessary for them to thrive academically. Together, let’s grow academic opportunities.

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