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Our Year in Numbers

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

This year, we've poured $330,634.48 into our students and staff. Including:

After the launch of our new funding values in April, we began bi-monthly grant cycles in August. Through the two grant cycles so far, we have funded 18+ projects and experiences for students and teachers across the district. Learn more about our September and November grant cycles using these links.


WSF partners with the WCSD mentor coaches to cover the cost of the Standard Teaching Licenses of returning 3rd-year teachers. Once they complete their mentor program and commit to teaching for a third year in the Waterloo Schools, the WSF funds their $100 license that is required by the Iowa Department of Education.


We are happy to facilitate several Waterloo Career Center sponsorships from various organizations in the community. With these dollars, the WSF has been able to support the Career Center in multiple ways, such as support for the IGNITE program and unique support for the five new pathways beginning next year.


This year, we were able to fund 110 students to attend one of our longest-supported initiatives! We provide scholarships for students to attend this week-long STEM-based program held every summer. This year, we were able to gift $22,050 for this program alone - totaling over $ 150,000+ above in program history!


Our most recent initiative, Teach Waterloo, is a partnership between the WCSD and the University of Northern Iowa. Support staff of diverse backgrounds can achieve their education degree at UNI free of cost while working for the Waterloo Schools - and secure a teaching position in the district post-graduation!


Coaches Academy is a unique opportunity that provides professional development for the Waterloo Schools coaching staff. This program enhances the athletic experience and pride in the WCSD. Through the Young Family Foundation, we have provided $150,000+ since 2020 to support this program


Through our English Language Learning/Migrant Student Fund, supported by Farmers State Bank, we were able to purchase $5,000 of Pocketalks for all schools. These are two-way communication devices allowing for an easy, seamless transition of spoken and written languages to and from English. Learn more here.


This year, we launched our first fiscal sponsorship project. We are partnering with the Steering Committee for the Waterloo Eastside Athletic Campus. This campus will provide a well-programmed facility in east Waterloo that will be shared and enjoyed with the entire community. Visit to learn more.


Through an anonymous donation, we have provided new track and field tents for the track and field teams and a 3-point basketball shooting machine. As athletics has not been a focus of the WSF in the past, we are excited to step into the athletic world!


Battle of Waterloo is one of the biggest dual meet wrestling tournaments in the state! Various community partners donate through us to this exciting meet. Hosted at the Young Arena, this event has been a success since 2010 and brings teams from every corner of the state while filling Waterloo with elite wrestlers!


This year, we supported teachers district-wide in three ways. First, on opening day, we showed our appreciation for the best dancers (Expo ALC) by gifting a meal catered by a food truck! Then, we awarded the school that knew the most about the Foundation (Highland Elementary) $1,000 to use as they see fit. And finally, throughout the whole year, we gift each #BeBold awardee a gift card to a local restaurant to celebrate their hard work for our community.


Hoover Middle School has a unique space for students to learn - an observatory. We have funded various items in the Shirey observatory over the years as we spend time focusing on STEM in the schools. Recently, we've received funds to purchase a new telescope to enhance students' learning!

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