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Let's talk about planned giving

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Grocery store runs are not necessarily “runs” anymore. The average American needs to research, prep, and plan for their meals, and limit those extra fun snacks thrown in the cart to help eliminate costs (bye-bye crunchy, cheesy, goodness!). Inflation is here, on the rise, and making the average individual plan for their financials accordingly. states that 1 in 4 Americans say inflation has caused them to see a greater need for estate planning.

With expenses rising out of our control, individuals and families need a plan to continue the lifestyle they had - and want - for years to come.

The term “estate planning” can seem daunting, vague, and even irrelevant to the average person. Many say that they don’t have enough money to start looking at their own finances, time to designate for planning, or even say they will get serious about their estate in years to come.

However, one lesson the pandemic taught us - don’t take life for granted. We never know what tomorrow will bring, and if tomorrow will even come.

If you have assets, like a car, money in the bank, jewelry, items of value, or even children, estate planning and planned giving is for you.

To honor National Estate Planning Week, the Waterloo Schools Foundation plans to break estate planning down to be not only digestible but doable, for our Cedar Valley community.

Keep an eye out for news, posts, and resources to come your way from October 16th through October 22nd!

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