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Five Years of Growth

Dear friends,

The Waterloo Schools Foundation has always had a spark, drive, and innovative

approach to education in the Waterloo Community School District. This past fiscal year, in partnership with the Cedar Valley community, the WSF officially gifted our 2 MILLIONTH DOLLAR to the Waterloo Community School District.

While this is a huge accomplishment, this past season has been challenging.

Addressing education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and our ever-changing political climate has continued to present uphill battles. We are proud to share

stories and statistics of this milestone, and why education continues to be the

center of community advancement.

In this next season, we are redefining, reimagining, and reinventing what it means to be a true champion of public education. We are committed to hearing the voices of our students, staff, and leaders to understand their wants, needs, and desires for their learning.

Thank you for investing not only in our youth, but the future of the Cedar Valley, the state of Iowa, and beyond.

With grateful hearts,

Hannah Luce, Executive Director & Kate Reicherts, Board President

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