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Adrian Gomez to Attend D.C. #HouseofCode Festival

Ashley Hinson has named Adrian Gomez, an 11th grader at the Waterloo Career Center, as the winner of the 2022 Congressional App Challenge in Iowa's First District. Adrian was awarded this honor for his app - a banking system made easy through Java Script programming and upgraded using Unity Programming.

Adrian's app is in collaboration with The Job Foundation; it consists of a banking system that allows students to update their checkbook registers easily on a mobile device. The Foundation is able to track different metrics each student utilizes on the app - from the number of wants purchased to how much a student saves.

The Congressional App Challenge is an initiative of the House of Representatives, where members of Congress host contests in their respective districts for middle and high school students. They are encouraged to learn to code and explore the possibility of pursuing a career in computer science. Each Congress member selects a winning app from their district, and the winning team/individual is invited to demo their winning app to Congress during their annual #HouseofCode Festival.


#HouseofCode is the most prestigious demo day in student STEM - the new national science fair. At last year's #HouseofCode, students heard from top lawmakers, interacted with sponsors and partners, and demonstrated their apps for Congress and the general public. In all, over 1,000 people joined #HouseofCode in 2021. Adrian will attend this event April 17-18 in Washington DC this year.

Learn more about the Congressional App Challenge and the #HouseofCode Festival by visiting this website.

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