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Our New Funding Values

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

We are ecstatic to announce our new funding values that will aid in reviewing grant applications as we begin a regular grant cycle again! Keep reading for our definition of each value and previous funding that supports these values⤵️

a green circle with a white lightbulb portrayed as 'on'
The WSF values innovation in education through new teaching and learning methods.

Our previous Innovative Learning Grants allowed Waterloo Career Center education students to experience project-based learning via enhanced outdoor play spaces for students at the Elk Run Heights Early Childhood Center. This grant also funded East High Trojan eSports as well as STEM baskets for a classroom at Kingsley Elementary.

a light blue circle with a white heart outline and a horizontal infinity sign in the middle
The WSF seeks funding opportunities that will have lasting impacts on students, staff, and WATERLOO.

We are proud to say that our funding promotes longevity; specific opportunities have provided life-long impact on WCSD students. Recently, a $5,000+ grant given to the Waterloo Career Center’s Cybersecurity team supported ten students to experience real-world career opportunities and it led a few to attend college and pursue cybersecurity as a career!

a blue circle with a white outline of a person showing their muscles
The WSF seeks to eliminate financial barriers when it comes to pursuing academic opportunities for WCSD students.

Our former Young Scholars Grants supported multiple Waterloo students to attend a conference that allowed them priceless educational experiences. In the past years, we supported Jorden Wallican to attend Brown University Pre-Collegiate Leadership Institute for $4,500, Adrian Gomez to attend the #HouseOfCode Festival in Washington D.C. for $1,725, Aaliyah Weekley to attend George Mason University Washington Journalism and Media Conference for $3,025, just to name a few!

a purple circle with a white outline of half a brain and half a gear
The WSF supports the enhancement of acquiring knowledge and skills to develop healthy identities, emotional maturity and understanding, and establishing self-awareness.

WSF is excited to branch into supporting social emotional learning in the schools! We have seen other districts support social emotional learning in the classroom by having a calm-down corner, teaching mindfulness at the beginning of the day, and creating a sensory room that offers a therapeutic space

an orange circle with a white circle of eight people with their hands up
Through DEIB practices, we aim to support initiatives that uplift diverse voices and provide equitable access for students and staff in Waterloo Schools.

A bequest in 2022 allowed us to create Teach Waterloo in partnership with WCSD and the University of Northern Iowa. Teach Waterloo provides support staff of diverse backgrounds with the financial resources needed to achieve their education degree from the College of Education while working for the Waterloo Schools. A recent teacher grant allowed us to provide an elementary classroom with inclusive and multicultural books to help diversify their reading material.

Does your BIG IDEA support our values in the Waterloo Schools? Learn more about our application process here and explore more past funding here.

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