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  • Tehya Tournier

The Impact Of 2 Million

Looking back, 2 Million Dollars seems like it would be impossible. But as the numbers were crunched

and donations, dollars, district initiative funds, and more piled up, it seemed to dawn on us. WSF was closer than ever to reaching yet another milestone we can check off our wish list. And, one fall day, we did it. In the past 5 years, The Waterloo Schools Foundation couldn’t of achieve this alone.

As a community of administrators, teachers, support staff, donors, community partners, businesses, parents, peers, board members, etc., all of us, together, play a vital role in making an impact. This year, we are getting a taste of what that impact is. To us, here at WSF, it’s looking pretty darn good knowing we’ve gifted over 2 million dollars to the Waterloo Schools. This is to better educate and support not only our students and their needs but our faculty as well. Being in the Waterloo Schools means being bold. We are thriving off of innovative success in our classrooms every day.

For 12 years, the WSF has been dedicated to supporting and setting a standard of excellence for ALL students and staff of the Waterloo Schools to ensure they have the resources to thrive, grow and feel confident in their academic journey. The Foundation reached its $1 Millionth Milestone in 2017 and more accomplishments have been made since. In the past 5 years, WSF has funded multiple district initiatives, programs, and learning opportunities for students and faculty for a total of $2,006,637.68.

To join us in celebration of our accomplishments and investing our 2 Millionth Dollar into the Waterloo Schools, please attend the 2 Millionth Dollar Celebration Event happening Nov., 10th from 5-6 p.m., with a brief program beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Waterloo Career Center. There will be a social, refreshments as well as 8 different appetizers coordinated with our 8 different District Initiatives, thank you to the generosity of the WCC culinary students. We are looking forward to everyone tasting the impact 2 Million Dollars has had in our community!

As our fearless leader, Executive Director, Hannah Luce said, “Our work continues on, and this is only the beginning of our lasting impact on Waterloo's public schools.”

The Waterloo Schools Foundation isn’t done yet.

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