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The Secret is out...

Waterloo Schools Foundation Celebrates Reaching Their $2 Millionth Dollar

Local Nonprofit Organization Sparking Academic Excellence in Public Education

Waterloo, IA: The Waterloo Schools Foundation (WSF) has gifted its $2 millionth dollar to the Waterloo Community School District. The WSF invites the community to celebrate on Nov., 10th from 5-6 pm at the Waterloo Career Center for a social with a brief program at 5:30 pm.

For 12 years, the Foundation has been dedicated to supporting and setting a standard of excellence for all students and staff of the Waterloo Schools to ensure they have the resources to thrive, grow and feel confident in their academic journey. WSF reached its $1 Millionth Milestone in 2017 and more accomplishments have been made since. In the past 5 years, the Foundation has funded multiple district initiatives, programs, and learning opportunities for students and faculty for a total of $2,006,637.68.

“The Waterloo Schools Foundation is a vital asset to the Cedar Valley, and we are more than grateful for all of the community support that has helped us reach this milestone of 2 million dollars invested into the WCSD,” Executive Director, Hannah Luce said. “Our work continues on, and this is only the beginning of our lasting impact on Waterloo's public schools.”

The Waterloo Schools Foundation funds numerous academic programs and projects that would otherwise be unavailable to the Waterloo Schools. These initiatives push the schools, students, and faculty for academic excellence. “The Waterloo Schools could not be any happier with our relationship with the Waterloo Schools Foundation,” said Waterloo Community School District Superintendent, Dr. Jared Smith. “The fact that the Foundation has already surpassed $2 million dollars in donations speaks to the incredible commitment of the community to the students, staff, and families in our district.”

The Foundation’s latest donation was to Central Middle School to bring in Bruce Henry for the Evolution of African American Music. This donation supports understanding the historical influences the African and African-American communities have made in developing various music genres. As a district serving 60% minority students, this presentation allows for students to grow and learn artistically about Black music. It is an excellent opportunity for WSF to support initiatives that not only enhance the academic experience of Waterloo’s BIPOC students but also create learning opportunities for all students.

About the Waterloo Schools Foundation: The Waterloo Schools Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization founded to support, enhance, and promote excellent educational opportunities in the Waterloo Community School District. The Waterloo Schools Foundation accomplishes this mission through Innovative Learning (teacher grants), Young Scholars (student grants), District Initiatives, and other funding opportunities. To learn more, visit

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