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unlock the potential with us

This year, we are asking the community to join us in unlocking the potential of the Waterloo Schools. Why?

to show our commitment and loyalty

Waterloo Community School District's #BeBold campaign has curated excitement throughout the schools. This buzz has had a lasting impact on our mission: to support, enhance, and promote excellent educational opportunities in the Waterloo Community School District. How?

  • CONSISTENT SUPPORT: In an average year we give out around $400,000

  • COLLABORATION: We are constantly meeting with District administration & staff to make sure our dollars and connections are directly supporting the needs of staff and students. Our most recent collaboration is the monthly #BeBold awards - each awardee receives a local gift card!

  • FUTURE: Through various programs, we have over $1,000,000 set aside for specific efforts within the schools - including STEM, ELL/migrant student support, and Coaches Academy.

"As you all know, we have recently celebrated our two millionth milestone. This was a huge celebration to honor students, schools, and staff," said Executive Director Hannah Luce. "At our annual breakfast this year, we want to display how we have and plan to unlock the potential of the Waterloo Schools."

to promise our schools more...
  • FUNDING: We're just getting started - we're on track to continue expanding our funding programs and values because we are not done yet!

  • PROGRAMS: We have an exciting announcement coming at our breakfast. This change allows the support of more grants, both in quantity and dollars.

  • RESOURCES: Via new sponsorships that we have established this year, our resources and connections to local businesses and nonprofits. These relationships are allowing us to provide more to the WCSD.

  • SUPPORT: We've been making it a priority to secure multi-year grants, funding for district-wide projects, or other forms of support that help the school to plan and implement initiatives that have a lasting impact on student learning and achievement.

to trust our youth and educators
  • LISTEN: We are actively seeking out the opinions and ideas of our youth and educators by incorporating their feedback into our decision-making processes.

  • RECOGNIZE: We plan to publicly recognize each grant awardee or group - our community loves to see where their dollars go and the academic achievements of our funded students!

  • TRANSPARENCY: Engaging in transparent decision-making processes that involve the input of our stakeholders is a top priority for WSF. Because we are committed to working together towards shared goals, we are constantly meeting with donors, educators, business partners, and other community members to better our processes and impact.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of Waterloo Schools with us? Donate here or learn more about our impacts here.

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