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Showing Love For Our Newer Teachers

Starting out your career post-graduation is extremely exciting for new grads - no more homework, free weeknights, living independently, etc. - the world is truly your oyster.

However, for new teachers, the first few years post-graduation can be stress-inducing. They have a lot to prepare to properly welcome students into a safe classroom environment. They may be inheriting a new classroom where posters need to be hung, laminating countless papers, purchasing books for students, and much, much more. The average new teacher spends up to $1,000 dollars on classroom prep and materials before their first ever day of teaching (National Education Association). On top of all of that, our educators also pay for their full teaching license after two years of teaching.

If you have experienced navigating life between college and a settled career path, you know that receiving support during that time is something you never take for granted. Providing financial support at the beginning of a new teacher’s career encourages them to continue their journey as an educator, as well as stay in our district.

This is why the Waterloo Schools Foundation gives every returning third-year Waterloo Schools teacher a $100 check to cover their full teaching license. This year, 50 teachers were congratulated by visits from Executive Director, Hannah Luce, and our district Mentor Coaches with their checks!

The WCSD is one of the only districts across the state to implement this partnership. By celebrating our teachers earlier in their careers, we increase teacher retention and support a positive culture in the schools.

This year's recipients and schools are found below:

  • Bunger Middle School - Thad Nelson, Steven Schwickerath

  • George Washington Carver Academy - Dezirae Bainum, Jordan Beltz, Lacy Irwin, Nicholas Peiffer

  • Dr. Walter Cunningham School for Excellence - Elyssa Hall, Fidei Beattie, Jake Hartman, Chloey Wood

  • Central Middle School - Kyle Graves

  • Waterloo East High School - Ai-Lihn Hong-Mller, Julio Urdaneta, Breen Greer, Charles Talbot, Seth Hundley

  • Expo Alternative Learning Center - John Kohangen, KeAndre Armstrong, Paige Slack

  • Highland Elementary School - Alyssa Henson, Lindsey Borrett. Paige Kayvan, Bianca Loya, Rylee Flege

  • Hoover Middle School (Waterloo, IA) - Allie Marchesano, Andrea Alert, Tia Smith

  • Irving Elementary School - Abby McKee, Audrey Klunenberg

  • Kingsley Elementary School - Baylee Kleitsch

  • Kittrell Elementary School - Brittany Graham, Gary Crawford

  • Lincoln Elementary School - Waterloo - Ashlin Hayungs, Connor Wrage, Kiley Snitker

  • Lou Henry Elementary School - Bethany O'Clair, Emily Nickel

  • Lowell Elementary School - Nicole Staudt, Erika McCreary

  • Orange Elementary - Connor Moroney

  • Poyner Elementary - Andrea Schlotman, Ashley Frickson, Cassie Twedt, Madison Heusinkvelt

  • Waterloo West High School - Eric Miller, Jarred Johnston, Austin West

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